At Locksmith Lee, we provide a 24/7 locksmith service that doesn’t include a call out charge.
Our experienced team of locksmiths can visit your commercial or residential property in Epsom, Leatherhead, Tadworth or elsewhere in Surrey, and give you our professional advice.
We’ll always explain the ideal locksmith service, give you a clear understanding of the cost and each process needed to get the desired result. We’re here to help you when you need us most.
Locksmith Lee offers a range of residential and commercial locksmith services at affordable price. All our services are covered by our trusted guarantee, leaving you with a peace of mind.
Our reliable, trustworthy and friendly locksmith services are available across Surrey, including:
  • Epsom
  • Leatherhead
  • Tadworth
  • Sutton
  • Tadworth
  • Oxshott
  • Ashtead
Our 24/7, dedicated locksmith services are available to you. For more information, contact us here.
Have you got a locksmith issue for your commercial property? Locksmith Lee is available to help you and with our emergency 1-hour response, we’ll get you access to your commercial property as soon as possible.
We’ve proudly helped a number of commercial customers across Surrey, including:
  • Estate Agents
  • Letting Agents
  • Councils
  • Utility Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Courts
  • Bailiffs
  • Warrant Officers
  • Solicitors
  • Shop owners
  • And many more
If you have a locksmith problem, Locksmith Lee is here to help you today.
Broken locks, lock-outs and lost keys can occur at any time during the day. Whether it’s in the middle of day or night, Locksmith Lee is here to help with our 24 Hour Locksmith Service. You may be based in Epsom, Leatherhead or Ashtead, but we’ll be at your property when you need us.
By contacting us here, you can be assured that your locksmith problem will be fixed by Surrey’s leading locksmith company, Locksmith Lee.
We understand the stress, frustration and annoyance a locksmith problem can cause. This is why Locksmith Lee offers an emergency 1-hour response to your commercial or residential property.
If you need immediate access to your property, whether you’ve lost your keys, locked out or you’re dealing with a broken lock, we can help. Contact us here.
Have you lost or broken your car keys? Locksmith Lee has a team of trained and experienced auto locksmiths that specialises with getting you access to your car, motorcycle or van.
Locksmith Lee specialises in all cars, vans and motorcycles, no matter the year, make or model.
We understand the frustration and panic of locking yourself out from your car, but with our immediate emergency auto locksmith response, Locksmith Lee can help.  Book at your convenience.
Do you need a spare key or a replacement key as soon as possible? Locksmith Lee offers a mobile key cutting service for commercial and residential properties across Surrey.  
A member of our team can visit your property and carry out as many key cuts that you need at your premises. Contact us now for a free quote.
At Locksmith Lee, we’re here to provide you with dedicated, secure home security services to your commercial and residential property. We offer a range of trusted home security services in Surrey, including:
  • CCTV Installations
  • Alarm Systems
  • Video Door Bells
  • Digital Locks
If you’re interested in our home security services, contact us today. We’ll explain how we can help you and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.
We understand the stress and panic burglaries can cause, as well as the after-effects. At Locksmith Lee, we take great care when it comes to repairing and securing broken locks caused by burglars.
We’re highly experienced when it comes to making sure your property, commercial and residential, is secured for the future. We’re here to help you.
Has your door or window been damaged? Locksmith Lee provides expert and secure board up covers for windows and doors across Surrey.
We can assist you with a board up of any size for residential and commercial customers and properties. Secure your property with us today whilst you wait for your new door or window to be fitted.

Video doorbells are becoming more and more popular for convenience and security. Locksmith Lee specialise fitting all video smart doorbell brands including Ring and Next.

Need your smart camera doorbell fitted by a professional, contact Locksmith Lee today for your free no obligation quotation.

Locksmith Lee is a local company based in Surrey. Since 2001, we’ve proudly offered and served residential and commercial properties with our 24/7, 365 days a year call-out locksmith services.

We understand the frustration faulty locks can cause, as well as losing access to your property. This is why customer service and satisfaction is incredibly important to us.

Our belief in offering a fantastic customer experience is why our locksmith services are popular amongst residential and commercial property owners. We cover the following areas around Surrey:

  • Epsom
  • Leatherhead
  • Tadworth
  • Banstead
  • Chessington
  • Ewell
  • Oxshott
  • Sutton

From home security to emergency locksmith 1-hour call-out, Locksmith Lee is here to provide you with a reliable, dedicated service when you need us most.  

At Locksmith Lee, you can be assured that you’ll receive the very best locksmith service in Surrey. We offer a free quote of what is needed for a successful job, explain the process and carry out the service. With our locksmith guarantee, you can have a piece of mind with any work we carry out on your property.

For more information about Locksmith Lee, contact us on 07979936232 and we’ll be able to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact us here too.

24 Hour Locksmith

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact your local, reliable and affordable locksmith in Epsom today.

UPVC Locksmith in

UPVC doors and windows can be a complicated series of springs, bearings and levers. Get the experts in to carry out any replacements or repairs.

Safe Opening in Surrey

Need a safe opened? You need a safe cracking specialist locksmith. Look no further. Contact Locksmith Epsom today and let us open your safe. We specialise in mechanical and digital safes.

CCTV, Alarms & Smart Door Bells

Not only are we locksmiths but we also specialise in domestic and commercial security. This type of work would include CCTV, Alarm and Door Bell installations in Epsom. Contact us today for more information.

As a residential locksmith based in Epsom our locksmith services can vary enormously. One minute we could be opening a locked, replacing a garage lock or repair a upvc door lock and the next minute we might be extracting a broken key from a lock or fitting new locks to meet with insurance standards.

If you’re a resident in Epsom, Epsom Downs, walton on the hill or Tadworth and need a locksmith, get in touch with us 24/7 and let us help you.

For a full list of services, please feel free to visit our locksmith services page.

Epsom is a very large town in Surrey and consists of many local businesses operating around the clock. Unfortunately with this many business operating 24/7 there will come a time when a locksmith will be required to attend a company to either gain entry, replace locks, fit safe and CCTV Cameras. If you own or work in a business in Epsom and need a locksmith, get in touch with us now.

Here at Locksmith Epsom we operate an account services with a 30 day payment term. Please note this is only available to commercial customers in Epsom.

Commercial locksmith services include:

  • Lock Opening / Gaining Entry
  • CCTV, Safe and Security Grille Installations
  • Digital Lock Fitting, Reprogramming and opening
  • Lock Repairs
  • Window and Door Boarding Service

For more about our commercial locksmith services in Epsom, Check out our commercial locksmith page.

Locksmiths can be called upon at any time, night or day. It’s important to us that we make our locksmith services in Epsom available to residential and commercial customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This means when you need a locksmith in Epsom, we will be here to help.

Common requirements of a 24 hour emergency locksmith in Epsom can be anything from lockouts, lock repairs to window boarding and burglary repairs. What ever reason you require a locksmith in Epsom, get in touch with us today and let us help you.

Request a 24 hour locksmith now.


Auto locksmith available in Epsom 24/7. No matter the make, model or year of your vehicle, we can get you back on the road again.

Not all locksmiths are auto locksmiths as this particular aspect of locksmithing requires additional skills and tools to carry out auto locksmithing to the highest standard and quality.

If you are a commercial client and require a locksmith to take care of your fleet, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will take care of all your fleet vehicles 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

Why would you call a auto locksmith? There are many reasons. Here are just a few.

  • Lost Keys
  • Snapped Keys
  • Faulty Keys
  • Keys Locked in a Vehicle

These are just a few.

Call Locksmith Epsom now to book your Auto Locksmith Service.

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If you ever find you are in a position where you will require a locksmith, there are some simple but effective questions you need to ask.


Are you a genuine local locksmith company?


This question may seem odd however, nearly 50% of locksmith companies you see advertised on Google, Facebook and other social media or search platforms are actually large national companies who sub-contract work out.


Well whats wrong with that, I hear you ask.


There is nothing wrong national locksmith companies however, large national locksmith companies charge around 40% to 50% more for locksmith services and in some cases, we have seen some call centre national locksmith companies overcharging more than 150%.


Why do they charge so much?


National locksmith companies need to charge higher rates. They need to cover the cost of offices, 24 hour telephone staff, insurances, taxes, advertising and also pay the local locksmith who will be attending on their behalf.


Our advice would be to stay clear of national locksmith companies unless you have no other alternative.


Do you have insurance? or better yet do you have public liability insurance?


Public liability insurance will protect you and your property from any damage which may occur from either an accident or bad workmanship.


It’s basic, easy and fairly cheap for a locksmith to have insurance. If a locksmith has no insurance just stay well clear. A locksmith without insurance is more likely to scam you. In our eyes he is a cowboy.


Are you a registered locksmith?


Again, you will probably assume all locksmiths are registered. Unfortunately this is not the case. It is not compulsory for a locksmith to register with anyone. Locksmithing is still an unregulated industry.


A locksmith can simply give his or her details at a local police station or sign up with a  governing body online and register with them. It’s not difficult.

This is not to out of the ordinary as many locksmiths remain unregistered however, it would state to us, they are probably very unorganised in their working life.


Don’t just assume these questions are all you can ask. If you have more questions you would like to ask a locksmith first, just ask. If their answers seem vague or they are trying to avoid answering any questions then this should set alarm bells ringing.


Always use local, reliable and established locksmiths in the Epsom area.